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The Conqueror 750 is our most aggressive and capable model offering.

Designed to take on any terrain, the Conqueror 750 is able to handle any surface through its 26″ x 4.0″ aggressive track.

Quality components make for a quality bike, and every aspect of this bike was spec’d to ensure that the perfect balance of function, cost-efficiency, and weight were kept in mind.

The Conqueror 750 is capable of a max range of about 40 miles when riding pedal assisted, and about 35 miles when purely electric.

Read more to learn more about what makes the Conqueror 750 such a tremendous value.

Additional information

Frame Color

Matte Black, Ocean Blue, Polar White, Matte Green

17 reviews for Conqueror 750

  1. James Derrick Worrill (verified owner)

    Derrick W -April 9, 2024
    I am extremely happy with my purchase. I am new to the e-bike world and working with James was a great experience. The bike was assembled and set up for me plus when delivered to my door James gave an extensive tutorial on function and maintenance. Well done

  2. Jesse Hitch (verified owner)

    These bikes are the real deal. I mainly use my bike for hunting and cruising around. Much more affordable than other brands, backed by top notch customer services. Was glad to support a local business. Thank you James for all your help!

  3. Dee Henry (verified owner)

    First off the customer service was top notch. I got texts regularly. They set up the bike for me because I bought it for my son. The bike looks great I’m sure my son will love it. My husband fell in love with it we might buy another for him. But I just can’t say enough about the great customer service I was very impressed they wanted to make sure everything was delivered without damage and I was kept in the know about every step that was made from assembly to delivery and beyond.

  4. Darren C (verified owner)

    My shopping experience was wonderful – everything went smoothly and I got the bike at a good price. The bike is great brand and I been very happy riding it everyday since I purchase it. The owner is very customer oriented and no hassle just honest business was great. I am very satisfied.

  5. Ryan Jones (verified owner)

    I purchased a conqueror 750 a few weeks ago for hunting and cruising around the farm. What a great investment a purchase I should of made a year ago. I was referred by a friend and was so happy with my purchase. James with Xroad ebikes handled the sale and the delivery. Wow the customer service has been wonderful any questions I have James has been there to answer them all. I now have 80 plus miles on my bike and am blown away with the capability’s of the bike. I have dirt bikes and atv’s but they are loud and disturb animals. Now with the quiet machine I can sneak around the farm without making any noise. Once again I wanna SAY THANK YOU to James for his great customer support . I would recommend to anyone.


  6. Todd Wood

    Purchased a conqueror 750 several weeks ago after a friend of mine had gotten one, James was extremely helpful with top notch customer service. Couldn’t be happier. It didn’t take long to get our approval, several other friends jumped on the band wagon and got their bikes ordered only days later

  7. Skip Brown (verified owner)

    Just rode 3.5 miles on my new Conqueror 750. I bought a Pedego Element last July, if I had found X-Road Bikes back then I would have never bought it. This 750 is exactly what I wanted. It has the 26 x 4 tires I wanted for off highway, 750 motor for power, lights, fenders 16 ah 48 volt battery all standard equipment. All for less then I paid for the Element with less spec’s.
    Can’t say enough good things about their team. I worked with James, they even delivered to me. James was most helpful and knowledgeable, answering all my questions regarding the correct operating procedures. He made the whole process enjoyable. You won’t regret buying an X-Road Ebike. I know I haven’t. Thanks James

    Conqueror 750
    Conqueror 750
  8. Kenneth P. (verified owner)

    My first Ebike love it. Took off road and had no problem. I am 60 and love that I can still go off road and enjoy it.

  9. Dominic (verified owner)

    This is my first ebike and it goes above and beyond my expectations. I purchased this mainly for hunting and used this evening with no issues right through the woods. Dealt with james when purchasing and he delivered both bikes right to me with a walk through on everything. Probably the coolest thing I own at this point.

    Conqueror 750
  10. Todd M (verified owner)

    This is an awesome fat tire ebike!
    Review Summary: Compared to other choices in this price range, X-Roads offers a number of models with upgraded components and responsive customer service from a local DMV team. The ability to test-ride before purchase was crucial to my decision to purchase the Conqueror 750.
    I had been reading reviews for months, trying to decide if I wanted to move from a mountain bike to a fat tire bike. When a friend received their RadRover5, I was able to ride it and confirm that I was ready to make the move, and a 750W motor seemed to be the right amount of power for this size/weight bike. I wasn’t convinced that the RadRover fit my size and riding style, so I kept searching. I also considered the CSC ST750 which has similar specs but was on backorder. Then I discovered X-Roads Ebikes, a local DC-area company with the ability to accommodate test rides. Customer service is very responsive and I was able to quickly coordinate a test ride. The ride made it easy to decide; I placed my order and had the bike delivered to my door by an employee in 2 days.
    The Conqueror 750 is a well-built frame with upgraded components (hydraulic disc brakes for example) when compared to other options in this price range. The battery is easy to remove for storage/charging. My recharge times have been about 4 hours. The included rear rack is heavy duty and will accommodate a hefty load if needed. Fenders are steel.
    The controller allows some tweaking of settings (for example, pedal assist can be either 3, 5, or 9 levels). I experimented with both 5 and 9 and settled on 9 for my riding preference. Color display is easy to read day and night and in bright sun.
    I’ve had my Conqueror 750 for about 2 weeks and have ridden 60+ miles in a variety of conditions: paved trail, single track, road, loose gravel. This bike is fun to ride and very capable, and I am ready to take it on longer rides now that I have become comfortable with it. The wide tires, suspension, and ability to get some help from the motor when desired combine to make this a do-anything bike for me!
    I’m impressed that X-Road’s offerings include a 24-inch (Cruiser 750) fat tire bike also – this might be a good option for some riders instead of 20 or 26-inch.
    I ordered a Hollywood hitch rack to allow transport of 2 bikes to other locations.

    Conqueror 750
    Conqueror 750
    Conqueror 750
  11. S Crawford (verified owner)

    I was researching Fat tire e-bikes the usual (Rad Rover, Hemingway, Voltbike), Facebook put XRoadebike in my feed. After some research, I found the bike similar or pretty much the same as the Voltbike. I did a test ride since they were local in the DMV area (Silver Spring). I felt like a twelve-year-old on Christmas Day. I order the Conqueror 750 on May 18th. X-Road Team delivered my Conqueror 750 fully assembled to my house in Frederick, Maryland, on May 19th. Very happy with my decision to go with Xroadebike for my purchase. If you live in the DMV area, call for a test ride. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Justine C (verified owner)

    X-Road Ebikes is one of the many brands I researched after I had developed the desire for an ebike that could cover as many bases as possible. What is immediately apparent on these bikes is that each part is selected from reliable sources that provide quality products. X-Road makes their passion known; their products could easily be mistaken for one double in price.
    Many Ebike companies have leaned toward a motorcycle-inspired design with a focus on aesthetic and driver feel. You will find yourself sitting as if on a cruiser on many brands. X-Road Ebikes alternatively provide a more traditional set of handles, seat, and frame that are found on most all mountain bikes. This makes them light and exceptionally maneuverable. The core specifications of the bikes are fantastic, and allude again to the seemingly deceptive accessibility of these bikes. The expectations I had for this bike, which were high as the styling was familiar and controllable, were exceeded. The power and range are boosted to great heights by a higher cell battery than competing bikes, a reliable and powerful power controller, and a beautiful color screen that gives you instant readability and contrast.

    I cannot overstate the quality of these products, as there are many parts to a bike, and each on these is selected for quality. As if the quality of the bikes weren’t a sell on its own, as it very well should be, the company behind them is even more endearing. The customer service is unparalleled and they provide the epitome of what local businesses want to achieve. They are knowledgeable about their products, polite, and willing to help you access information and service with your purchase. I have rarely found such earnest respect in a company’s approach to their customers and to their product. They are proud of their products and proud owners of them as well. The quality of the product and the comfort of a reliable local company make these ebikes one of the most appealing opportunities available today.

    Conqueror 750
  13. Danny M (verified owner)

    My expectations were exceeded after my recent purchase of the Conqueror 750. After investing a great deal of time researching the perfect ebike, I chose this model from XRoad EBikes for its quality, reliability, maneuverability and price. It was delivered on time, in perfect condition, and as described on the company’s website. The product and experience were so outstanding that I purchased a second Conqueror 750 shortly thereafter. I would recommend this product to anyone; you won’t be disappointed.

  14. John Martin (verified owner)

    Review #1 – Unboxing and assembly
    Arrived about 24 hours from ordering. Personal delivery from XRoad! Box was in pristine shape. They also left me a Thank You bag with a T-shirt in it. Nice touch!
    Unboxing and assembly took about 1 hour. I am very handy with tools and took my time. No hurry. I also went over the entire bike and checked all existing bolts, which were all tight. No problems with assembly at all. However, there are no instructions for assembly, but it is easy. The manual supplied is for several different bikes, non of which are this model. Might be good for showing adjustments? Also note that there is no manual for the display and what is in the book is not for this model. I went online and found the display manual in seconds. APT 850C
    Bike is well built and of very good quality. Compared to other comparable brands, this bike is far superior in it’s selection of components. Price is better than others with lesser quality components. You can’t go wrong with this bike! Highly recommended!

  15. Justin Loeman

    After months of research and deliberation, I finally caved and made the purchase. Electric bikes are NOT cheap but definitely a worthwhile investment for someone like me who lives in the city and uses a bike as a primary mode of transportation. I will say that I was pleasantly surprising to see that Xroadebikes’ pricing is lower than other competing retailers. With that said, if you live in the DMV area, they deliver the bike to you for FREE!

    Moving onto delivery day, I was a little boy on Christmas morning all over again. My Conqueror 750 is finally here! I swear it had a smell similar to a new car, but that could just be me. The hand off was perfect, delivery guy was friendly and made sure to answer any last minute questions, as well as, giving me a quick tutorial on how to operate it. The bike is definitely heavy and will take some getting used to, but not a deal breaker. I’ve tested a variety of electric bikes before this one and the general weight is pretty much similar regardless of the brand. Overall construction of the bike is sturdy and well-made. The rear rack actually comes in handy when you have bags or anything else you’re carrying with you as long as you properly tie them down. I really like the thick tires too, definitely creates more of a stable ride and allows you to use the bike on a variety of terrain. Even the obscene amount of potholes in DC ain’t got nothing on these wheels. The front and rear LED lights are BRIGHT, so you can be sure that riding at night will be safe. Seat is fairly comfortable, nothing particularly special about it, but haven’t had any discomfort so far even after riding for an extended period of time. Display controller is awesome, super easy to read with crisp and clear screen. Finally, the main attraction, BATTERY POWERED MOTOR! Need to face that hill or the steep incline on city streets? Cycling home after a long day at work? Went a bit overboard on your outdoor cycling expedition and need a little help? OH BABY, let me tell you, the motor on this thing is powerful! It’s the little engine that really could, a God send for when you need it or even if you don’t. Definitely helps cut down on fatigue for longer bike rides and just plain fun to use. The battery charges fairly quickly and lasts you a while during your ride. Like most rechargeable batteries, I would advise against charging it to a 100% all of the time to better preserve the life of the battery over time, 80% for the daily maximum charge is the sweet spot. Is this electric bike worth it? So far, yes. Definitely an upgrade compared to a regular bicycle, despite it’s heavier weight and slight bulkiness, you do get used to it very quickly.

    All in all, I’m reducing my carbon footprint and helping to keep our planet green with this ultra fun ride that’s built with great quality materials, packed with a ton of features, and a powerful electric motor. I can easily say that this is money very well spent.

  16. Brandon

    Just received my Conqueror750 the other day. The ride is very smooth and the overall quality of the bike seems very superior. And the range is very impressive as well. I put on 30 miles in 2 days with still a bar left on the battery! I was little skeptical about the fat tires but it does ensure you a smoother ride and resistance to uneven pavement unlike a typical bike. And the price for all the components with included fenders and the rack is very competitive and on point. I definitely recommend this bike! Two thumbs up!

  17. Eric O

    I love this bike. I currently own a different brand bike but got to test the Conqueror 750. At first, I thought that it felt a bit off with the feel while I was riding the bike. I am 6’ 4” and realized that I needed to adjust the seat height. Once I got it adjusted, I felt much more comfortable with the feel and the ride.

    I love the design of the bike and it feels super sturdy. It is a bit heavy if you had to lift it, but it is really easy to move and ride. I got almost 30 miles (road and sidewalk) on it and felt that the ride was really good. The suspension held up pretty well as I realized that the city hadn’t spent any tax dollars repairing the horrible sidewalks that I was on. Either way, I got to put a bit of strain on the bike and everything was just fine. I had no issues with the brakes.

    The monitor is super easy to follow and tracks your entire ride. I did not have any issues with the gear shift or changing the assist level. I needed to get used to the assist lever location in the dark on the night ride, but it still was easy to go between once I got the feel of it. I was concerned about the battery level as I went on the long rides, but I never needed to recharge it when I got back home.

    I am not sure about the battery capacity, but it lasted several hours, and I never plugged it back up. This is a great bike to get around the city and it did provide me with a nice workout when I wanted.

    I am not sure if everyone would be a fan of the fat tires, but I really like them. I definitely would recommend this bike to my friends and family.

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The Conqueror 750 is our most aggressive and capable model offering.

Designed to take on any terrain, the Conqueror 750 is able to handle any surface through its 26″ x 4.0″ aggressive track.

Quality components make for a quality bike, and every aspect of this bike was spec’d to ensure that the perfect balance of function, cost-efficiency, and weight were kept in mind.

The Conqueror 750 is capable of a max range of about 40 miles when riding pedal assisted, and about 35 miles when purely electric.

Read more to learn more about what makes the Conqueror 750 such a tremendous value.

A Walk Around the Conqueror 750.

What Makes X-Road Ebikes Better

Reliable Long-Lasting Power.

Reliable Panasonic 16ah 3200 cells power the Bafang 48v 750w electric motor to deliver as much power as you need and whenever you want. 

Also our 3A charger reduces the stand charge time from 6-7 hours down to 4 hours. This means a quicker turnaround time to get you back on the road.

A Front End That Can Keep you Safe.

A MOZO/RST Adjustable Air Suspension fork with. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes ensures that you can maneuver and stop as efficiently as the motor can move.

Best in Class Display Controller.

Our APT display is full color and provides more accurate information than typical displays, and capable of dialing into 9 different pedal assisted-speeds to fine tune your ride.

Shimano Connecting Everything.

Shimano components are our brand of choice, with Acera components connecting the flywheel all the way up to the shifters.

Full Specifications


Panasonic 48V 16Ah 3200 Cells


Dapal 3A Fast Charger with UL Certification


APT 850C


Lishui 1:1 Intelligent PAS, 25A


Bafang 48v 750w RM with 80 Nm

Head/Rear Light

NECO Front, CD red LED Rear


6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame

Front Fork

MOZO/RST Air Suspension, Adjustable and Lockable


Kenda 26″ x 4.0″ Puncture Resistant

Front/Rear Fenders

Removable Aluminum with Matte Black Paint

Rear Rack

Removal Aluminum Alloy Rack


Aluminum With Suspension


Promax Aluminum 


Shimano Acera 8 Speed

Shifter & Cable

Shimano Acera


Shimano Acera


Thumb Throttle


Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes with 180mm Discs


Landian 12pcs